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Reaching into Self- Esteem (R.I.S.E.) was founded and established in October 1994 by Michelle Mona Thompson with the goal of providing a forum for young girls ages 6-18 to learn through stimulating and challenging discovery experiences. The curriculum is designed to enhance girls’ self- esteem while aiding in their spiritual, social, physical, cultural, educational, political, economic, and emotional development. At the program’s inception, thirty- five (35) girls and 2 volunteers faithfully gathered on Saturdays in the nursery of New Covenant Christian Center (now known as Jubilee Christian Church). As a testament to the program’s impact, R.I.S.E.  experienced exponential growth and tripled in membership, volunteer staff, and outgrew their meeting space after only one year. Fast forward twenty-given (25) years later and the “her” story of R.I.S.E. continues to be written by the next chapter of riveting girls who gain valuable resources, apply practical lessons- learned and become powerful change agents within their sphere of influence. 


The spirit of R.I.S.E. lives on through alumni who entered the program twenty-five (25) years ago. Many of these alumni have gone on to be successful in life and have a passion for giving back to today’s young ladies. Today the philosophy remains steadfast and true with a strategic plan that has R.I.S.E. positioned as a dynamic and innovative leadership program for girls.


In 2017 the R.I.S.E. pledge was published in book format. This book release birthed the R.I.S.E. Book Series. Two books followed soon after, Shine and Grow. Fly, the next book in the sequel will be released in winter 2020.


For more information about the program, curriculum, volunteerism or starting a chapter please email If you would like to donate to the program email us. All donations are tax-deductible. Don’t forget to like and follow us on ALL of our social media channels.



Shape Self Esteem Globally


Building girls confidence

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We value healthy sisterhood.

We value collaboration.

We value a positive atmosphere.



To equip girls worldwide to discover, accept and respect who they are. 


We believe in unity! 

We respect each other’s differences! We encourage healthy conflict! 

We believe we have the capacity to change the world!

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