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Get all 3 books in this fabulous box set

Rise Book

R.I.S.E. (Reaching Into Self-Esteem) Girls Program began in 1994. Each week during the school year the Program would begin by reciting the RISE Pledge. The coming of all ages affirming pledge is now illustrated for the generations. Join the movement!


Shine Book

The R.I.S.E. (Reaching Into Self Esteem est. '94) Girls Book Series encourages self-esteem and friendship for girls of all ages. The second book in the series tells the story of the girls growing up from elementary school until graduating from college with illustrations of them navigating life in future careers, passions, family and conflict. Included in this book the reader will be introduced to each girl that graces the cover.


Grow Book

Grow is the 3rd book in The RISE GIRLS SERIES. This book tells the story of their friendship from Piper's perspective. Although it's written through the eyes of Piper as an adult, women of all ages will find truths about girlfriend relationships. It also helps Moms, Aunties, Mentors, etc teach about the value of friendships and understanding the various types of friendships. The author introduces 5 types of friendships that she considers the foundation of healthy relationships.

Gift Of Confidence

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