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Purple Party!


Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Summary - GUESTPIX.jpeg
  1. Selfie Of You

  2. Purple Food Item Selfie

  3. Picnic Blanket / Table Selfie

  4. Balloon Selfie

  5. Selfie With Someone Older

  6. Selfie With Someone Younger

  7. Selfie With Someone Born In the Same Month As You

  8. Selfie With Someone Who Is Wearing Your Favorite Purple Outfit

  9. Write Your Name With Chalk On The Ground

  10. Picture Playing An Oversized Game

  11. Picture Planting Something Special

  12. Photo-Op Areas (Can you find all 3 See Camera Icon)

    *Bonus Inside the RISE Selfie Museum

  13. Picture With Your Favorite Shade Of Purple From Purple Shades Pillar

  14. Picture With Pastor Mona

  15. Picture Crafting 

  16. Picture Playing Giant Checkers

  17. Hoola Hoop / Hopscotch Selfie

  18. Picture in front of RISE Letters

  19. Picture in front of RISE HOUSE

  20. Selfie with an Old Friend

  21. Selfie with a New Friend

Snack Baskets

*Limited Edition*
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